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My initial foray into web design started back in early 2010. The year before, I was working towards becoming an electrician. I had been living in a rural area at the time working on getting my hours. A lot of tradesmen had been coming back from Alberta during the recession in '08-'09. Soon after the work in my area had dried up. I moved back to the city where my fiancé was currently enrolled in University. I got a customer service job to make ends meet until work started back up again. I had been looking for a way to make money from my computer, of which I've had a long standing passion in. After some searching I stumbled upon affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a field in which you promote products or services online. For this you receive a small commission if the person clicks (PPC) or buys the product you mentioned. I found it very engaging and decided to try it out myself. I spent many nights writing articles, reviewing products and making websites. It was profitable enough to continue for a couple years and hire several writers. But most importantly it taught me about engagement, marketing, and website design. During this time I realized what I enjoyed most was making and optimizing websites.

Initially I used what most people who don't want to spend money on websites use, DIY site builder services. Soon I grew frustrated with the limitations placed on me by these services. I wanted more power, so I moved to using WordPress instead. With thousands of themes, I was sure that I could find something, or so I thought.

Soon after moving over to WordPress I was spending more and more time in the back-end, messing with CSS. Eventually I was using bare-bones themes and building exactly what I envisioned. Sure the code was messy and I was still scared of PHP and JavaScript, but it had awoken something. I started devouring information about code, business, marketing, and human psychology. I started asking why people click on this link, is it the position, color, text? Soon I was optimizing everything I could get my hands on.

Since these early years, I have grown exponentially. I continue to strive for excellence and haven't stopped learning. The digital landscape is always shifting. You have to be willing to learn new things constantly. One year's trend becomes next year's re-design disaster.

There are still some things I'm not proficient in, and I'll be the first to admit that. If you need something done that I know won't meet my high standards, I am more than happy to direct you to another agency. And at the end of the day I want happy clients who are proud to show off their new website.

I hope you enjoy working with me, and I look forward to talking with you about your next project.

Kyle M.S
Owner of Noden Web Design

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